Banded Shades
Banded Shades
Banded Shades
Banded Shades
Banded Shades

Banded Shades – Designer Banded Shades combine sheer and solid fabric bands into a single shade. The design enables the shade to transition from open to closed seamlessly, providing a modern solution for view-through, light control and privacy. A single piece of fabric loops at the bottom bar to create a double layer of fabric in the window. When operated, the sheer and solid fabric bands transition effortlessly by each other.
Shades can be positioned to either open or closed when they are in the raised or lowered position, allowing for complete privacy, filtered light or view-through with a single shade.

  • Open position—Sheer fabric bands align to create view-through and provide soft filtered light.
  • Closed position—Sheer and solid fabric bands align to create privacy and block light.
  • Raised position—When shades are raised, the bands are completely operable and can be aligned in either the open or closed position.

Designer Banded Shades feature an extensive collection of fabrics to fit any décor style. From solids to textures to stripes to small-scale designs, these shades offer a fabric to fit your style. Top it off with a sophisticated color palette featuring fresh neutrals, grays and pops of color that excite.

Who said banded shades have to feature only straight fabric bands? Fabrics with dynamic geometric shapes create drama, dimension and interest—not only at the window, but also in the light that cascades into the room.

Benefits and Features

light control
uv protectionlight control
veiw thruveiw thru

Operating Systems

Hunter Douglas’s brilliant new wireless operating system gives you the power to control and schedule. your Hunter Douglas window treatments from your smarthphone, tablet, or a remote control.

Hunter Douglas’s revolutionary UltraGlide system features a unique, retractable cord – letting you raise and lower your window treatments without unsightly, dangling external cords