We have installed thousands of motorized and non automated skylights in our years at Palm Drapery and Blinds and have extensive experience in choosing the right product with the right operating system for you. Most skylights require automation and our PowerView remote is perfect for this scenario. We always get tons of calls for these in June and July when the SUN HITS and people realize they may bake in the heat if they do not cover those dreaded skylights. What once was an amazing light feature now becomes the home owners nightmare!

Do not fret we’ve got you covered. We have several solutions that come in a multitude of colours and patterns and you will be thrilled to have a product that covers the skylight keeping that dreaded heat out but allowing the sunlight to filter through maintaining the reason for the skylight in the first place. Our consultants will be glad to discuss your options with you and choose the right product for you home or business. Simply book a free in home consultation today.