Luminettes have long been a favoruite of anyone looking to create beauty through defused light and have the versatility of privacy through full coverage and sheer coverage all in one! Luminettes allow for subdued light and the privacy of soft draperies with Luminette Privacy Sheers. They provide the widest range of light control possible, with a sheer face fabric to let light in and attached soft fabric vanes that rotate to keep light out. Luminette Privacy Sheers transform harsh sunlight, provide UV protection and enhance natural daylighting.

Because Lumineets are fabric like they are able to create privacy sheer that can cover window expanses of up to 192” wide with full function.

The fabric vanes are available in two functions– translucent and room-darkening. When closed, the translucent vane option creates a luminous glow and discreet privacy. When closed, the room-darkening vane option blocks more light and provides the needed light control and privacy necessary on some windows. There are many fabrics textures and colours to choose from to create the perfect look for your home.

The Luminette controls are easy to use and provide protection for the product as well as effiencey of the home owners and can be custom fit to meet your needs including controls and the stack of the product on  your windows.

For many the Motorization of the Luminettes is a very exciting option that creates a dream situation of having a beautiful product that functions perfectly as needed. The state-of-the-art PowerView battery-powered system offers convenience with the touch of a button. Be sure to ask about the Hub, which allows you to utilize the PowerView App for Apple and Android mobile devices.

You can create Scenes to balance different lighting and privacy needs throughout the day – imagine being able to schedule your Luminette Privacy Sheers to automatically open and close at the same time each day depending on the time of sunrise and sunset! The convenienceof being able  to adjust your window treatments for temperature, privacy, and security from across the room or while at work or even while your are on vacation giving you the option of added security as it will appear someone is home while  you are off enjoying yourself by a pool.

The Luminette Privacy Sheers combine the versatility of light and privacy control while creating a soft romantic feel in any room.  Coordinate them with Silhouette Window Shadings to completely coordinate your windows as thousand of customers do each year with Palm Drapery’s consultants creating the perfect look for your home.