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We had several windows that we were very concerned about covering with the right products when we first contacted Palm Drapery & Blinds. A lovely woman answered the phone at the store and was able to assure us that their consultant could help us sort out some difficult choices.  Within 24 hours someone was at our home, samples in hand and sure enough helped us choose a few products that were the perfect solution for us! We are very impressed with how the finished product and loved the process from start to finish. We never once felt pressured and we knew the consultant truly wanted to give us the right products for us. And to top it all off not only did the installation go off without a hitch we registered our products with Hunter Douglas for a Lifetime Warranty.  Thrilled and would highly recommend Palm Drapery & Blinds

Difficult skylights.  I have been dealing with 3 very difficult skylights in my entry way for over 10 years. The sun has started to fade the floor not to mention the crazy amounts of heat the poor in through them in the summer months.  I avoided calling anyone because I really did not know what to do with the windows and on top of that I had heard that motorized blinds, which these would need to be were very expensive and broke down easily.  I finally caved after a friend recommended Palm Drapery & Blinds saying that they would come out and make sure I got the right window coverings and that she had ordered motorized Honeycomb and even her husband was surprised by the reasonable price. Within a few days I had someone out to my house who brought samples and a smile and helped me ease my concerns and sure enough gave me a great price with a LifeTime Warranty to top it all off.  I wish I had called 10 years ago! Thank you Palm Drapery & Blinds for solving my difficult skylight issue without breaking the bank!

Commercial Job – I am a developer and have worked with Palm Drapery & Blinds for the past several years on jobs ranging from 10 homes to 150 homes and am always thrilled with the price, service and experience.  The Commercial Team is always efficient with quotes, proficient with blueprints and willing to work with us to find the right products at the right price. They deliver on time and keep even the most daunting large jobs in order and on time.  I highly recommend them for commercial or new construction as they are then best I have worked with.

We had a large drapery project that we wanted for our new home.  We were concerned that we would spend the money on the investment and not be happy with the finished product.  As we were looking for someone to help us we came across a few out of the trunk (no store) sales people and it made my husband nervous to give them our credit card for the deposit. We finally found Palm Drapery & Blinds and were thrilled to find out not only did they have their own store but they also had a huge workroom where they actually made everything for their clients.  We booked a consultation and by the end of the appointment were blown away by their professionalism, friendly nature and true care in choosing beautiful fabrics, drapery hardware and all the little details in between.  They were able to give us a fantastic quote and we placed our order without hesitation. Derrick came to our house to install four rooms and again we were impressed by the professional manner and obvious skill as an installer. By the time he was finished our sales consultant showed up to check on the job and we were extremely happy with the outcome! Our high ceilings and echoey home are now soften and the noise travels a lot better, the drapery in each room made our HOUSE a HOME. Thank you so much for all that you have done to make this an exciting adventure instead of the scary task it started out to be. Very professional and made us feel as if we were the most important client they had.

.  After renovating our home and taking down our old worn out aluminium blinds we had no idea what to do, what would go with our new modern decor and no idea how much anything would cost. I was feeling Reno fatigued but had to get something on our windows before our anniversary party.  A consultant showed up from Palm Drapery with samples and great ideas to suit our new decor.  I am so glad I called them in.  They helped us to choose the right products, suggested we explore automation and helped us to motorize our most important rooms. An amazing experience and I love my new Hub which allows me to control the window coverings either on presets or when I am away from home. Being a doctor I work long sometimes inconsistent hours and like to vacation with my wife with our new Hub I can create security and comfort and not have to remember to do it before I leave home. Amazing! I would highly recommend them for their product knowledge and expertise.